Villa Poland

Photo: Tom Kurek

Part of the spacious living area in the modernist house-pavilion is the kitchen we supplied. The model was made to measure and is fully personalized. The monolithic island was completely finished with stone. The uniform character of the furniture is emphasized by fronts with milled handles of drawers and cabinets. Their lines give the island an architectural rhythm of divisions and emphasize its compact form. The minimalist character is also reflected in the tall cabinets, which are covered with matte lacquer in a shade of gray. The cabinets are equipped with pocket doors, providing convenient access to the section that serves as a bar, which has room for an under-counter wine cooler, a sink and a special shelf for glasses. Meanwhile, in the section where the refrigerator-freezer is located, slender Phantom handles, typical of the brand, have been installed.

Photo: Tom Kurek

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