The essense
of individuality
The essense
of individuality
We are proud craftsmen. We love our craft.

Since 1995

Three generations of the Zajc family have already been working on the reputation of our brand with a focus on shared values. For almost 3 decades, we have been inspiring with an unwavering passion and love for exceptional craftsmanship and luxury furniture.

We know our potential and the requirements of our clients, and it brings us great satisfaction to combine them in exceptional projects.

A family business

Every kitchen, wardrobe and the smallest detail that goes into them that we create is signed with a name that we are proud of. The Zajc family, as well as our collaborators, are united by a sense of aesthetics, knowledge of the market and trends, great technical expertise, but above all... passion.


Tradition with modernity

We are proud craftsmen and love our craft. However, we do not close ourselves off to modern influences. We use advances in technology that support and accentuate what we care most about: uniqueness, individuality and the quality of the furniture.


Luxury is in every detail. That is why we treat our furniture as a collection of furniture, in which every element is equally important to us.

Precision, the finest materials, attention to every detail and respect for one's work make our furniture distinguished by timeless design and above-average durability.

ZAJC showroom opening

In constant dialogue with designers and artists

The quality of details in interiors is the sum of the experience of the designer and the craftsman. For years we have been working with Ewelina Jankowska of EV Architects, the author of the ZAJC showroom, while remaining in collaboration with many other leading, architects, designers and artists.

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Timeliness and sincerity

ZAJC is not only a quality product, but also a first-class service. We have been building trust among our customers for decades. Anyone who begins cooperation with ZAJC can see for themselves.

20th anniversary of ZAJC