Villa Poland

Photo: Tom Kurek

Shades of gray, depth of matte and grooves. Lightness of glass sheen and luminous lines. In the custom-made kitchen, the play of skillfully chosen measures gives luxury without ostentation. In the kitchen development, the main role is played by an island finished with natural quartzite. The furniture is a variation on the Monolith model, enriched with a number of solutions specially designed for the purpose of this realization. The compact form of the island is broken by illuminated drawers-vitrines. Linear led lighting surrounds sections of the island with drawers with fluted fronts. Meanwhile, a multifunctional element runs the length of the tabletop, hiding herb pots with water drainage and practical storage compartments. Tucked into the ceiling is a Gaggenau island hood that, when activated, lowers to an optimal height above the same brand's induction cooktop. The tall cabinet was finished in anthracite-colored lacquer and has a deep matte texture. It features a display cabinet with tinted glass and Gaggenau appliances in shades of gray. Hidden in the furniture is a passage to the pantry, located at the back of the kitchen.

Photo: Tom Kurek

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