Zajc's innovative line of kitchen furniture, abbreviated IN, is characterised by the use of a new technical solution for joining the cabinet body walls at the extremes of the visible elements. There are no longer any visible caps covering the openings in the outer elements of the furniture, while at the same time the furniture can be easily assembled and disassembled several times (it is no longer glued together).

This is a very important detail when, for example, tall items need to be assembled at a customer's site in a location where the size of the staircase or narrow passageways have so far made it impossible to bring in folded furniture. The technology also allows furniture to be easily dismantled and reassembled if it needs to be moved to another location and in emergency situations of rapid dismantling (e.g. when flooding occurs or pipes in risers need to be replaced). Also important is the fact that, in the event of damage to an external component, the technology makes it possible to replace only the damaged component and not, as before, the entire body permanently connected to it, which reduces service costs. 
The IN technology can be implemented in all models in the ZAJC collection.

Photo: Tom Kurek

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