The MET kitchen is inspired by the aesthetics of the 1950s of the twentieth century, with its characteristic rounded edges of the furniture. These can be found in the form of the kitchen island. Attention is drawn here not only to the shape of the furniture, but also to the noble brilliance of the brass fronts, which are made by hand and protected by special technology from changing their appearance. Perfectly mastered craftsmanship made it possible to perfectly match the top with the metal fronts, as well as to make the angled handles. Another interesting detail is the sides of the drawers, which also gained a new type of finish, giving a fiberglass effect. Deep matte black appears on the countertop in Lapitec material. It can also be found on the lacquered fronts of the tall cabinets, which house the ovens and walk-in freezer. Met is a play of satin metallic gloss with the depth of black matte, massive shapes with the lightness of modern lines.


Photo: Tom Kurek

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