A chest of drawers by ZAJC & THE STONE MAKERS

A chest of drawers with a simple form and a refined, decorative front, which is covered with a marble mosaic, made by Michal Zwieruho and Jakub Nowysz of THE STONE TURNERS. Thanks to it, the piece of furniture has acquired a unique character on the scale of a work of art. The triptych of unusual drawer fronts was inspired by a meandering river.

About their project, the artists say:
"A river continually meandering across the plain. A blob of ink on paper. A confused bedlam. 
Unnoticed confusion appears and chaos invades. An overpowering force acts to disrupt order. 
Anxiety, fear of losing control and fear of destruction arise. Sometimes these are just moments that quickly pass.
Sometimes you don't know when it started or how long it will last. Sometimes all you can do is stop and watch. 
Chaos is always the beginning of something new."

The cabinet is finished in black oak veneer, which is arranged in a geometric pattern on the top. The model has a universal purpose. It can be used, for example, as a TV cabinet.

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