Wardrobe accessories

At ZAJC, the home wardrobe can become the most beautiful home boutique. Unique accessories for displaying jewellery, watches and other accessories will make the wearer feel as if they have moved into the world's most exclusive department stores. Drawer fillings are available in a variety of shades and configurations.

Specially designed for the storage of trousers, the drawer from the ZAJC wardrobe system allows trousers to be hung comfortably without the need for separate hangers.

Complementing the ideal place to store your clothes are handmade wooden hangers. The wide range of types and finishing options allows you to match them to the most unusual outfit. Each hanger in our collection comes in several sizes. Each hanger can be signed with the initials of the user.

Any item that has not found its place in plain sight can be stowed away in one of the exclusive wardrobe boxes. At ZAJC, we offer three sizes of boxes, appearing in two colour finishes: grey and brown.

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